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The Leafs game and more

I thought it would be fun to just talk about some random Sabres topics this evening.  The Sabres finally have a couple of days off in a busy month so let's have some fun.

Wednesday was not the best game the Sabres have played all season but it was a turning point of sorts.  Ryan Miller has not had his best season but on Wednesday he was the reason for the victory.  A couple of years ago there was a debate as to whether the best American born goalie was Ryan Miller or Rick Dipietro and now people will tell you that Rick Dipietro is the best by far.  That is an indication of how poor of a season Miller is having.  He has definitely been better as of late and he will need to be spectacular from here on out.

 The win on Wednesday put Buffalo up into seventh place in the Eastern Conference.  It looked like the Sabres might be out of it a couple of weeks ago but a great February has put them right into the thick of the playoff hunt.

Mike Harrington has a post at the Sabres Edge where he wants people to admit they thought this team was done.

Admit it. You gave up on this team. Ten games in a row without a win and a 1-7-5 mark over a 13-game stretch made that a logical reaction. One problem: This team never gave up on itself.

It's not too late for this team to make a run at the playoffs but they need turn things around fast. (That is a quote from this post, proof that I did not give up on this team)

 Is it possible to be a redneck Leafs fan?  Goose's Roost says yes and they have proof too.  If that isn't the most ridiculous thing ever I'm not sure what is.  It is a cardinal sin amongst hockey fans to have your own name on your jersey but if your two options are this or your name, pick your name.

 We are less than two weeks away from the trade deadline and the Sabres quickly have become buyers instead of sellers.  What are the biggest weaknesses of this team and what guys should they target.  I would love to see the Sabres take a chance on Ladislav Nagy and Mike Comrie, I understand that both guys have not played well this year but they both could potentially bloster the Sabres offense.  I think the Sabres could use some help on defense as well because they have been very inconsistent on the backline.

 The Sabres and the Rangers meet on Saturday for the second time this season but it will once again be played in New York.  It will be interesting to see what the crowd reaction will be to Chris Drury when he finally returns to Buffalo.  The crowd was definitely very loud in their displeasure of Daniel Briere when he made his return to Buffalo.