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More on Zednik

As I sat in my living room and watched Richard Zednik skate to the bench and I seen the stream of blood that was left on the ice, I couldn't help but wonder if we had just seen the worst possible thing that could happen in a hockey game.  As it turned out because of the quick work of doctors Richard Zednik is going to be ok.  It is truly great news and we all wish him and his family the best and we hope to see Zednik back on the ice real soon.  John Vogl has a post up at the Sabres Edge with the doctors comments regarding the injury.

There were a few comments that really showed how serious this situation was...

"It was just hanging by a thread, and it was very critical to us that that actually happened and it wasn't completely cut in half, because then it would have retracted and it would have been more difficult to get control."

It just shows how dangerous sports can be and how dangerous hockey skates are.  We should never forget that at any given moment situations like this can occur.

There are a few topics being discussed as a result of the injury as well.  There has been some discussion as to whether or not the game should have been played after the injury occurred.  I know some of the players have been critical of the decision to play the game but honestly they had no other choice.  Both teams are in the hunt for the playoffs and they do not meet again this season.  If there was more than 10 minutes left in the game the decision may have been different but considering the circumstances they had to continue.  In fairness to the people who made the decisions they spoke with the coaches and waited to hear the news that he was stable and being transported to a local hospital.

There has also been talk about making neck guards mandatory, which makes absolutely no sense.  I am not against wearing them but it is a players decision.  I don't understand how the league could make it mandatory for players to wear them because one freak injury occurred.  The decision ultimately rests with the player but people always try to make it a league issue.  The league will not prohibit the players from protecting their neck but they can't be held responsible if they don't.