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Zednik cut, Sabres Win

As a Buffalo Sabres fan I am excited they won the game tonight but I never want to witness anything like we seen with Richard Zednik.  At about the half way point of the third period Richard Zednik was cut by the skate of teammate Olli Jokinen and he skated to the dressing room leaving behind a trail of blood like I've never seen before.  It appears that Richard Zednik is going to alright as it has been reported that he is out if surgery and resting comfortably.  It's not often that you see an injury that is so serious but we have seen it twice in Buffalo now.  I'm sure everyone can remember the Clint Malarchuk incident in 1989.

There was also a hockey game played in Buffalo on Sunday and the Sabres pulled out a victory  5-3.  Derek Roy scored two power play goals to help the Sabres earn the victory.  The Sabres trailed 1-0 after one period but scored three consecutive in the second period.  Florida tied it up at three but a goal by Thomas Vanek put the Sabres up 4-3 in the third period.  Derek Roy added the power play goal to seal the victory.

I wish I could say more about the game but it just doesn't feel right based on the circumstances.  I am very happy to hear that Zednick is doing well and resting comfortably because there was a time tonight when I wasn't sure what was going to result from his injury.  Let's hope for the best for Richard Zednick and his family.  It will be a great day when he is back on the ice.