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Caps Coast over Sabres

As I mentioned yesterday, I would not be able to watch the game live and would later watch on tape delay.  I had every intention of breaking down the game and trying my best to tell you what went right and what went wrong.  That seems pretty pointless now after the performance the Sabres put forth last night. 

A quick look around the blogs will give you a perspective on this game and what is going on with the Sabres.

  • This post by Kevin is a pretty good idea of the way Sabres fans are thinking right now.  I don't necessarily agree with some of the points he makes in the post but I certainly can relate to his dissatisfaction with this team.
  • As per usual, Ryan at Goose's Roost tells the story of the game much better than I ever could.  I have a hard time disagreeing with anything in his post and he obviously had the same idea as I did about this game.
  • Anne at SabreTooth's House tries her best to put a positive spin on the game.  I give her credit because I don't think I could accomplish that right now.
  • Japers Rink shares a Caps point of view on the's funny how the winning team usually has a much better perspective on the game.  He actually gives some Sabres credit for a good game.

Ryan at Goose's roost already shared the Paul Gaustad and Jason Pominville interviews but I want to break down each and every interview from last night because they all have very good points.  I'll combine the Pominville and Gaustad interviews and comment on Ryan's post.

Jason Pominville & Paul Gaustad

If you want to se the interviews than go here.  After listening these words from Ryan will ring so true.

Is it just me or is the difference between the two absolutely phenomenal? I mean at least Gaustad has a vague idea of what the problem is.

For the record I noticed the same thing about the two interviews.  In fairness to Pominville he says the same thing after every game.  It's almost like he is a robot after games and doesn't want to talk to the media.

Lindy Ruff


Lindy is understandably upset but his act of calling out players in the media is getting a bit old.  At what point does the coach get called out.  I have a post about Lindy already half written and I have even more desire to write it now.  It's my belief that the team is feeding off the energy of the coach and the energy is negative right now.

Only time will tell if Roy and Hecht end up in the press box on Thursday night but that is basically what he said in his post-game presser.  Roy did have a bad game but to call his first penalty undisciplined is unfair.  It appeared that his stick got caught in the skate of the opposing players when he was reaching for the puck.  Let's also keep in mind that Roy has been this teams best player over the past two or three weeks.

Thomas Vanek

Not much substance here but Thomas seems to be accepting responsibility for his poor play of late.  Thomas has definitely struggled lately but it's nice to see him becoming a vocal leader.  We have no idea what happens behind closed doors with the team but I like the way he has been handling the media lately.  I especially liked his comment about how he was in the back of the bus but it's time he went to the front.  The kid is showing some leadership and this team is in need of it.  Gaustad sounded the same way.

Ryan Miller

I become more and more convinced everyday that Ryan Miller reads this blog.  I'm probably just flattering myself but his comments made me think that he does. 

He added some insight into the locker room mentality that we probably all suspected but needed clarification.  He was talking about the difference between the mentality a couple of years ago in comparison with the current group of guys.

It was an attitude that we don't lose two in a row.  It's been a little bit of a see-saw this year for us.

He talked about holding himself accountable and that he needs to play better himself.  That is when he made some interesting comments about the media.

I can only speak for myself.  I don't want to get anyone confused about me calling out players because that's been a fun media event.  There are people that don't show up to get their quotes and get them from other people.  Than they write an article about me calling people out.

I know he isn't talking about me but he could be.  I have been very vocal in my criticism of Ryan Miller and calling out his teammates but I have also been just as candid in my appreciation of him.  I don't read the Buffalo News often enough to know who he is referring to but my best guess is Bucky Gleason.

Harry Neale Quote of the Game

I didn't pay close enough attention to the game to get a quote from Harry so feel free to add one in the comments.

Roll Call

There was a total of 201 comments by seven users.  I'll have to check but I think 201 might be a record for Die by the Blade.  I guess the worst of the Sabres brings out the best of you.  Keep up the good work people.

  Roll Call: qdloser, HO, ccthemovieman, D.O., kelliesac, Joan O., stopplayinglikesissies