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Defensive Injury and Touring the Web

Just I haven't kept up with this feature as well as I should have but today we'll take a look around the web to see what is going on.  It's always fun to see what other Sabres fans and NHL fans are talking about.  It's also important to see other SB nation sites and get an idea of the amazing possibilities this platform allows.

What's going on with the Sabres...

  • I mentioned a defensive injury for the Sabres and it's not good news.  Toni Lydman may not play on Thursday in Florida according to TBN.  Lydman has been the Sabres most consistent defensive player all season and it will be a huge set back if he can't go.
  • Everyone knows that Goose's Roost is one of my favorite Sabres sites and Chris put up a post today.  He agrees with Jerry Sullivan and his take on the Sabres...before you start saying that Chris must be an idiot go and read the's well done.
  • Is it time to blow up the Sabres (no not literally but gut the entire roster)?  Willful Caboose seems to think it's time.
  • Heather at Top Shelf has only one good thing to show for her money spent Sunday at the Bills Game and Monday at the Sabres game.  I have to admit I'm glad I watched both from my couch instead of braving the cold temperatures.
  • 3rd Man In sums it up in six words...yep six words!

What's Going on Around the NHL...

Just one other random thought before I let you go for the day.  The commercial for where the Flyers fan gets socks, a shovel, etc. for Christmas is hilarious.