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Lindy Ruff wants a fresh start and so do I

Instead of trying to fix the Sabres problems, Lindy ruff wants the team to start over with a 0-0-0 record and no stats for any of the players.  Normally I would say this is a copout but this team is just too talented to play as poorly as they have been recently.  Let's be honest this doesn't really mean a whole lot...he is just trying to take pressure of some gusy that are pressing a bit too hard.

I've always applauded Lindy for getting the most he possibly can out of his players, this is just another step in that direction.  I'm sure he feels, like most of us do, that just calling out individual players isn't working this year.  He needed a new approach and this is what he chose.  We'll see if he can once again be a master phsychologist and get more out of a talented group that is under achieving.

Fresh start for Die by the Blade

The tech guys from SB Nation have created this amazing platform for us and we aren't using it to the best of our abilities.  Let's try to take advantage of the great tools that SB Nation has provided us.

Here is a good start to learning how powerful SBN 2.0 really is...make sure to read the whole thing to get an idea on how these tools work properly.

  1. Sign up for your SB Nation network account and claim your old blog accounts
  2. Once you're logged in, press your  Z  key in any thread with new comments
  3. Explore your dashboard and setup your profile
  4. Read  welcome guide to the new FanPost editor
  5. Install the FanShot bookmarklet and post videos to Die By The Blade from YouTube or images from Flickr
  6. Click the "Rec" button on posts and comments to help other people find the good stuff.
  7. Customize display options on your Edit Settings page.

After you have read everything above (including links) continue on and read a little bit more about what you can do here at Die by the Blade.

FanPosts (the Section Formerly Known as Diaries)

We changed their name. Why? Because we took this major upgrade as an opportunity to leave behind some vocabulary that never made much sense for a sports blog. SB Nation is the network of, by and for fans, and these are the blog posts we make. So we call them FanPosts. When you're at a bar telling someone to check out your online sports opinions, you don't have to suggest they read your diary.

FanPosts are displayed differently on the homepage - we include your avatar to give more credit for the time you spend writing great posts. The new post editor has a WYSIWYG view that provides easy formatting. It also auto-saves drafts so you don't have to worry about losing your work when you compose a post within the web browser. And you can now associate teams, players and games with your posts: these tools promote your FanPosts on our new team, player and game pages - across the entire network.

The new system does not work like the old diary editor. For example, in HTML mode the new editor doesn't auto-create a new paragraph from two line breaks. But it does offer a whole array of new features. Look for the blinking help button on the right side of the FanPost editor for quick tips, and take a look at our full guide to writing FanPosts on the new platform.

IMPORTANT - if you write your posts in Microsoft Word or some other off-line editor, you will get the most reliable behavior if you cut & paste your post into the HTML view of the FanPost editor. And if you do that, remember to wrap <p></p> tags around each paragraph so your text doesn't run together.

Who does this appeal to: 

  • Current Bloggers:  Want to get your message out to more people.  Post a fanpost here at Die by the Blade and link back to your own long as it is creating conversation here it will not be deleted.  We don't want people to come over and just plug their site but if it has relevance it works.
  • Aspiring Bloggers:  You want to have a blog of your own but just don't have the time to control your own can post FanPosts and they can even be bumped to the front page if they are good enough.
  • Message Board junkies:  I'm not asking you to stop posting at the message boards you visit...just asking you to add another Sabres site to the list of message boards you already frequent.  Did you know that our FanPost page has a little bit of a message board feel to it.
  • Sabres fans anywhere:  This is truly about you the Sabres fan.  This is an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on the Sabres by writing a post that will make other people comment on your opinions.  Think of it as having a conversation at a Sports Bar or at the game or even at the dinner table.  What Sabres opinion do you have that others need to know?


Many members of the community just want to post that one link, video, photo or quote, but don't need a full FanPost. We've got you covered: FanShots let you share YouTube videos, Flickr or PhotoBucket photos, quotes from articles, portions of chat transcripts, top 5 lists and simple links. If it's a video or image we'll put a thumbnail on the homepage when you post it.

For those of you who are experienced internet hunter-gatherers of Buffalo Sabres material, install the bookmarklet onto the links bar of your browser and share FanShots with the community from wherever on the web you find that killer quote or photo.

When should I use a Fanshot?

  • You here breaking news regarding the Sabres i.e....a player is injured...someone has just been unlikely healthy scratch...I think you get the point.  This is an opportunity to share with others what you are reading.  The best part is that unlike a message board it is going to stay right on the front page in the sidebar or can be accessed by the FanShot page.  The top SBN toolbar will alert you to new posts, FanPosts and FanShots at any site that you have joined.
  • If you are reading an article and find a quote you want to share...perfect just highlight the code and share on SBN.
  • The very best feature is the video come acrossed a Buffalo Sabres video that you want to share just click the share on SBN button and it's done...this is truly a feature that should be used all the time because it takes about a second to do and can be hours of enjoyment for the rest of us.

And in case you missed it, you'll want to start by claiming your old blog accounts and creating a new SB Nation network account.

I look forward to seeing an increase in participation here at Die by the Blade.  This site needs to be less about me and more about you...that is what it is intended for.  If you want to see it in action just check out Buffalo Rumblings.  Brian has taken his site from the beginning to the juggernaut it is now.  He only accomplished that because of fan participation...great job Brian and the rest of the Rumblers!