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Buffalo Sabres vs. Los Angeles Kings [Game Thread]

Buffalo Sabres (15-13-3) Game # 32 Los Angeles Kings (13-12-6)

vs. Kings_game_medium

Date: December 19, 2008
Location: Buffalo, NY
Time: 7:30 p.m. ET
Arena: HSBC Arena
TV: MSG-B SBN Affiliate/ Blogs Battle of California

WGR (550AM)

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Season Series First Meeting Game Coverage
Previous Games First Meeting

This will be the official Sabres-Kings Preview post and it will double as the Game Thread later tonight. Make sure to check out Battle of California for their coverage of the game.

Once again the Sabres will have a new look to the lineup with Chris Butler set to make his NHL debut and Matt Ellis being recalled from Portland. I fully expect that Butler will replace Paetsch in the lineup after another game of complete suckiness from him. I'm really not sure what Ellis is doing here but I have to assume that there was either an injury or Lindy is completely fed up with Clarke MacArthur after another awful game from him. It's really hard to single any one player out from Wednesday night because it seemed that they took turns sucking but Lindy apparentley found a couple of scapegoats.

The Sabres will be wearing their new third jersey for the fourth time this season. They have a 2-1-0 record when wearing those jerseys. The only loss occurred last Friday night at home against the hated Toronto Maple Leafs (point being that the jersey doesn't matter it's about the team showing up to play hockey).

No word on the starting goalies yet although I wouldn't be surprised to see lalime get a start with a game in Montreal on Saturday. I'll update the goalie situation befor ethe start of the game so check back for Goalies and statistics.