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Sabres Butler called up and other Sabres Stuff

After the game on Wednesday night the Buffalo Sabres felt it was time to make a few changes and they called up Chris Butler and recalled Matt Ellis.  As I mentioned in the previous post...I would expect to see Butler playing in the place of Nathan Paetsch while Ellis will likely replace MacArthur.  C-Mac didn't have his best game on Wednesday and he also blocked a shot with his leg during that game.  The likely scenario is they will list C-Mac out with a leg injury although they have made the move regardless of injury.

Chris Butler

#34 / Defenseman / Buffalo Sabres



Oct 27, 1986

As you can see above, Butler is big guy and an all around defenseman.  He has scored two goals and has 10 assists in Portland this season in 27 games played.  Butler has never been known as a tough guy but he won't shy away from physical play either.  He played three seasons at the University of Denver before signing with Buffalo this season.

Matt Ellis

#37 / Buffalo Sabres



Aug 31, 1981

We already know what Matt Ellis is going to bring to the lineup and it's nothing flashy.  Ellis is not flashy but he doesn't make a lot of mistakes either.  Turnovers have been killing this team lately and Ellis is usually a smart player.  If you are wondering why they would call up Ellis and not Mancari or even Tim Kennedy that is the reason, less mistakes.

Rehashing Wednesday Night

I'll try not to be so negative this time around but that game was ugly.  If you didn't watch the game and thought I was upset for no reason, read what Ryan had to say at the Goose's Roost and what Pete said at The Ultimate Sports Road Trip.

  • As bad as the team was on Wednesday it was game that you can not absolve Ryan Miller.  He allowed plenty of juicy rebounds, especially on the games first goal.
  • The Sabres outstanding penalty killing allowed a power play goal against last night but it came on a 5-on-3.  The Devils had a 5-on-3 because of a questionable hooking call on Henrik Tallinder.  Not the reason they lost but certainly worth bringing up.
  • Patrick Kaleta was back in the lineup for the Sabres and may have been the best player on the ice.  He was able to draw a couple of penalties and scored his second goal of the season.
  • Surprisingly enough, especially in a game like Wednesday night, Max Afinogenov was pretty good for the Sabres.  It may have been his best game of the season.
  • Right move or wrong move?  I'm not sure, but Thomas Vanek (the leagues leading scorer) spent plenty of time on the bench because Lindy Ruff was not pleased with his play.  He wasn't the only guy to find the bench but he is the most notable.