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Sabres Home Woes Continue

Once again this team has left me speechless.  I don't even know how to describe this loss tonight.  It seems that every time they get momentum they come home and lose that momentum.  Buffalo is now 8-8-1 on home ice, meaning that the fans have left the Arena disappointed nine times in 17 tries.  This is a trend that has to stop if people are going to begin to take this team seriously.

Mike Robitaille said it best after the game "Teams are supposed to be scared to come to your building and right now they are not".  Not only are teams not afraid to come to Buffalo but teams almost relish the opportunity.  It's become almost embarassing to watch them play at home.

I learned something disturbing about this team tonight, they are not smart.  It's probably something I should have learned long ago but didn't.  It looked like they had the effort tonight but they made mistake after mistake.  I can handle physical mistakes but it was mental mistakes that did the Sabres in tonight.  It was giveaways, leaving men open for rebounds, stupid name the mistake and this team made it.

Once again it was a disturbing loss on home ice and that is not acceptable.  I'll post more on this game tomorrow when I'm not so upset.  But for tonight...comment away!