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Monday Evening Round Up

My apologies for the site being quiet over the past couple of days.  I have a cold that has been wiping me out and have not had the energy to write anything.  I have a really good post about the Sabres struggles that I am working on but have not been able to put the time or energy necessary to get it done yet.  In the mean time the world didn't stop and there is news coming from HSBC Arena, nothing earth shattering but some important notes.

  • Sabres Edge points out that Paul Gaustad was hit in the face with a puck at practice today.  No worries people, he'll be fine.
  • Last week the Sabres announced the Holiday Hat Trick.  If you are wondering what to buy for your favorite Sabres blogger this will do just fine.  Honestly it's a pretty good deal so check it out.
  • Thomas Vanek was named the NHL's Third Star this week.  If there is one player that deserves this honor it's Vanek...he has been awesome!  The Buffalo News is planning a big feature on Thomas so check it out.
  • A pair of Buffalo draft picks have been selected to play in the World Junior Championships that will take place around Christmas time.  Tyler Myers and Tyler Ennis will both suit up for their country.  Remember that last season Portland Goalie Jhonas Enroth played outstanding in this tournament for Sweden.

I would love to post more but this took every ounce of energy that I have for right now.  If the night goes well than I will work on the post that I promised above so look for that first thing tomorrow morning.