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Sabres bounce back in Jersey

Everything that went wrong on Friday went right on Saturday night.  After playing well in the first period the Sabres allowed the Devils to take the lead in the second period on goals by Patrik Elias and Bobby Holik.  Instead of backing down like they seemed to do Friday, the Sabres went on the offensive.  They dominated the final 10 minutes of the second period and tied the game on a power play goal by Drew Stafford.

The third period is when the Sabres were most impressive.  They poured it on the Devils with two goals including Thomas Vanek's second goal of the game.  Vanek extended his league leading goal total to 24 in just 31 games.  Vanek is certainly living up to his big contract this season.

Nobody who watched the game last night would have thought that the Sabres could come out and play a game like this tonight.  Honestly, it should have come as no surprise.  The Sabres have been good on the road all season, dare I say they have been better on the road.  If not better on the road, they have been better against the better teams in the league.

The win tonight was the Sabres fourth win in their last five games but it was truly a gut check for the team.  Buffalo was outplayed at home just one night earlier against the Toronto Maple Leafs while the Devils were putting eight goals on the board against the Rangers on Friday night.  Buffalo also played backup netminder Patrick Lalime in tonights contest and he was good, making 22 saves in the victory.

It's nice to see them play well against teams that are likely to make the playoffs but at some point they have to start playing that way against the weaker teams in the league.  Buffalo is currently in eighth place in the Eastern Conference with 33 points but they could easily be among the best teams in the Eastern Conference if they would have  beat teams like the Florida Panthers, Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Islanders and Columbus Blue Jackets at home.

That's it for tonight but make sure to check out In Lou We Trust for the Devils perspective on the game tonight.  If you don't know much about the Devils yet, now is the time to get to know them.  The Sabres next game will be at home against the Devisl on Wednesday night.