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Sabres fall flat to Leafs

What do you say after an embarrassing loss at home to inferior team?  I wish I knew the answer but I don't.  I can't be held responsible for anything I type for the rest of this post.

Once again I struggle to find words to describe the Sabres play tonight and once again it comes on home ice.  Some of the words that come to mind are embarrassing, disgraceful, ugly, uninspired, irritating and eventually I settle on deplorable.  The Sabres effort tonight was deplorable.  

Those are the words to describe the Sabres game tonight but as a fan it becomes more and more frustrating watching this team.  They play games against teams like Boston and Pittsburgh (some of the leagues better teams) and look really good while they play games against teams that are inferior to them and look deplorable.  There is that word again...deplorable.

The most frustrating part of the loss was the third period.  Buffalo looked awful the entire game yet found themselves tied 1-1 and on the power play to start the third period.  Instead of having the killer instinct and burying a team they should beat at home they were thoroughly dominated by the Leafs.

As tough as I have been on the Sabres effort the Leafs and Head Coach Ron Wilson deserve some credit.  They had a very clear game plan that seemed to work well against the Sabres speedy forwards.  They pressured the man with the puck all night and forced the Sabres to make mistake after mistake.  When Buffalo decided to dump the puck in the Leafs were masterful in holding up the Sabres forwards and not allowing the Sabres to retrieve the puck.

In the defensive zone the Sabres were smothered by the Leafs forecheckers, especially in the third period.  The Leafs seemed like a team that wanted this game more playing with desire all night and physically abusing Buffalo at every opportunity.

I don't give out stars when the Sabres lose but Ryan Miller was good tonight.  He allowed only two goals all night and there is no way you can blame him for the second goal that bounced over his shoulder and into the top of the net.  Ironically enough, Miller took full blame for the loss and allowing that second goal.  It wasn't his fault but it's nice to see Miller take the blame even though he knows it wasn't his fault.  Maybe he has taken some advice from this very blog and is finally starting to look in the mirror when the team loses (although tonight was not his fault).

Sorry folks...but that is all I have for tonight.  Let's hope it's a better game tomorrow when the Sabres head to New Jersey to take on the Devils.  The Devils put up an eight spot on the New York Rangers tonight so it doesn't figure to be easy.