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Connolly misses practice, Hecht is back

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It should come as no surprise that Tim Connolly misses practice once again, this time with a sore groin. I have never seen a player that is injured more than Tim Connolly, at any level of any sport. I don't think it would be a stretch to say that Timmy has missed more games than he has played since becoming a Buffalo Sabres. I'm sure that someone out there knows the exact numbers of games missed and games played...fill us in. In an effort to avoid my blood pressure to rise too high I will avoid talking about TC anymore today.

The good news is that Jochen Hecht was at practice and he will be in the lineup on Friday night against the Atlanta Thrashers. With the injury to Connolly (oh damn...there goes the blood pressure) Hecht was centering a line with C-Mac and Pominville. I would expect that Hecht will play on that line regardless of what happens with Connolly (oops I did it again).