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Buffalo Sabres: Crashing the Net

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I fooled you with the thought this was going to be a post about the Sabres getting traffic in front of the opposing goalie, instead it will be a weekly feature where we take a look at what other blogs are saying about the Sabres or anything else that might be going on.

Buffalo Sabres

  • The NHL released their all star ballot yesterday and it has plenty of people asking the question why.  It happens every year and in every sport but here is what Heather at Top Shelf had to say.  The guys over at the Goose's Roost weighed in as well.  Sabretooth's House has some great pictures up of the all-star nominees.  Puck over the Glass also talks about the ballot and accurately points out that the all-star game is two and a half months away...anything can happen.
  • Bakes is still talking about the Sabres Prospects and doing an outstanding job.  It looks like we have some pretty good players in Portland and don't forget to check out the three stars of the week.
  • Honk if you Love Justice posts a picture of the Sabres-Devils game and it is a good action photo.

It has been awhile since I updated the blogroll in the sidebar and there are so many new ones I can't even comment on most of them.  Let's take a look at some of tthe blogs I read more often.

  • Blue & Gold of Buffalo seems to be a pretty good read...they do a great job with game recaps as well.
  • If you're a teenage girl or you want to know what a teenage girl thinks about the Sabres you won't find anyone that does it better than The Fanatical Fan.
  • Meet me @ Chef's is another great Sabres blog but you have to see this post and the attached is hilarious.
  • Hockey Night in Buffalo is also well done and apparently Caroline doesn't like me very much...normally people at least meet me before they say bite me.  I do agree that Ryan Miller has been great and I was one of those people who called him out last season. 

Hopefully I will have the sidebar updated today with these great blogs and more.

Around the NHL

Although some Sabres fans may argue...there is more to the NHL than just the Buffalo Sabres.  In this space I will direct you to some good reading about other teams in the NHL.

  • I'm not really an Islanders fan but I know I hate the Rangers so it's always good to see Long Island beat up on the Blueshirts.  
  • I mentioned the comments that were made by Alexander Semin in this post yesterday...Frank at Pensburgh points out that Sidney Crosby has responded.
  • James Mirtle has a post about the dark side of hockey...just a warning that it is very, very disturbing to think this type of thing could happen.
  • Mile High Hockey is wondering if Tony Granato will be out as coach of the Colorado Avalanche.
  • Winging it in Motown is doing a new feature called Behind the Blog...I enjoy it and you should too.
  • Puck Daddy points you to a hilarious fight between Garth Murray of the Phoenix Coyotes and Eric Nystrom of the Calgary Flames.

This will be a semi-regular feature on the blog although it will just pop up whenever I feel like it.  It may be everyday, may be every week or it may be once a month...Only time will tell.