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SPG Game Update


As promised there would be prizes awarded for the winner of the SPG Contest for the month of November.  Congratulations to LionAlum for being the winner of the November SPG Picks.  He will win himself a Buffalo Sabres poster courtesy of Wall

It's not too late to sign up for the SPG Game.  We have a season long grand prize and also monthly prizes that will be awarded.  See the information below on how you can sign up for the SPG Game. 

Monthly Prize

  • The SPG picks will be accumulated for one complete month and the person with the most correct during the month will win the prize.
  • In order to be eligible for the prize you must have contributed to at least some of the game threads during that month.  The number of game threads is arbitrary and will be decided by me (D.O.)
  • What is the prize?  It depends on how many people are involved in the game.  If there are less than 25 people that are involved in the game during the month you will win a Buffalo Sabres poster from Wall  If we have over 25 people involved you will win Sabres merchandise from Carroll's Cove (Any item that is $29.95 or less). 
  • Note:  I am working on even better prizes for the contest!

Grand Prize

Once again the prize is based on participation, the same rules apply as the monthly contest.  The prize will also be affected by the number of people involved.

  • If we have less than 25 people that participate the prize will be Sabres merchandise from Carroll's Cove (up to a $50 value)
  • If we have 25 or more people participate the prize will be a Buffalo Sabres Jersey from Carroll's Cove.

Note:  Myself and my immediate family are not eligible to win any prizes, that means my wife, mother, father, sister (anyone with the name Oleksy will not be eligible).