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SB Nation Hockey Upgrade

If you frequent Die by the Blade or any of the other hockey blogs on SB Nation you may have noticed a few changes to the site.  If you are an avid reader of Buffalo Rumblings or any of the other great SB Nation sites in other sports you have already seen these features at work.

New Die by the Blade Features

  • Team Page - This is a one stop destination if you want to know what posts have been associated with Sabres, news items regarding the Sabres and information about the next game.  
  • Team Roster -  This is an up-to-date Buffalo Sabres roster.
  • Player Page -  This is probably my favorite feature of all the new goodies we have been given.  If you click on any players name on the roster it will take you to the players page.  The player page is complete with all the relevant statistical information as well as any blog posts/fan posts/ fan shots that have been tagged to that player.  Here is Tim Connolly's page.
  • Team Stats -  You no longer have to leave Die by the Blade to get any statistical information you may have been looking is right on the site with the click of a link.  
  • Team News -  There is also a page now designed for all relative Buffalo Sabres News as it happens.
  • Team Schedule & Scores -  This has been there for sometime but they have no incorporated more data to this page.  There is now a complete line score of each game and best of all it now indicates whether or loss occurs in overtime or a shootout.

This is only some of the upgrades the site has and will be receiving.  Stay tuned for many more updates and features to make Die by the Blade the best place for Sabres fans to visit.  The BEST part of the site is a feature that has been here all along...Fan Posts.  Many sites are offering a way for you to write your own blog and we have been doing it all along.  The best part is that we are all Sabres fans here and share in one common goal...we want a Stanly Cup Championship.