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Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins [Game Thread]

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Game #17

Buffalo Sabres (9-4-3, 21PTS) vs. Pittsburgh Penguins (10-4-2, 22PTS)

7:30 PM EST, Mellon Arena

TV: MSG-B (Buffalo)

Radio: WGR 550 (Buffalo), XM 209 (National)

Listen Here

07-08 Series:0-3-1

Enemy Blogs: Pensburgh [SB Nation Penguins Blog]

If last season (or last night for that matter) is any indication as to how the game will go tonight, I suggest going out to get a head start on your Christmas shopping. The Sabres took only one point out of a possible eight from the Penguins last season. The one point came in a 2-1 shootout loss in the most famous game in Sabres history. The last time the Sabres beat the Penguins was April 3, 2007 at the Mellon Arena, Buffalo won 4-1. The Sabres have only beaten Pittsburgh one time over the past two seasons.

A quick glance at this seasons stats shows two teams that are almost identical in the standings. However, there is a glaring difference between the two teams. The Sabres began the season winning four straight and six of their first seven while the Penguins started slow but have won their last five games. It hasn't been easy for the Penguins...they won two of the last three in a shootout and one in overtime. One of the shootout victories was a come from behind win over the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings.

Don't forget to get in your SPG Picks and chat away!