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Buffalo Sabres vs. Columbus Blue Jackets [Game Thread]

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Game #16

Buffalo Sabres (9-3-3, 21PTS) vs. Columbus Blue Jackets (7-7-2, 16PTS)

7:30 PM EST, HSBC Arena

TV: MSG-B (Buffalo)

Radio: WGR 550 (Buffalo), XM 205 (National)

Listen Here

07-08 Series: 0-1-0

Enemy Blogs: Light the Lamp

Not a lot of time today so comment away. I'll add more if time permits.

Make sure to get in your SPG Picks.

[Note by D.O., 11/14/08 6:39 PM EST ] It looks like Kaleta is out of the lineup...It looks like maybe Max will play but probably on the fourth line with Peters and Gaustad. It should be a fun game tonight.

[Note by D.O., 11/14/08 9:10 PM EST ] Holy @#$% Tim Connolly played. I guess Lindy was playing with ius because who wouldn't believe that Connolly was hurt?