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Sabres keep St. Louis singing the Blues

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It would be really easy to say this was the Sabres best game but then the rest of the game happened.  The Sabres stormed out to a big lead and looked good in the process but then, as Lindy Ruff put it, "they got too cute".  They started making bad plays and Max was up to his old tricks allowing the Blues to climb right back into the game.  The final score was in question right up to the final horn but the Sabres managed to beat the St. Louis Blues at home for the first time in Lindy Ruff's coaching career.

Tim Connolly was outstanding and showed why he is one of the most dangerous players on the ice.  Unfortunately he left the game with an injury...I know that's a big surprise but it's true.  In fairness to Timmy, he took a clean but vicious body-check from Keith Tkachuk.  The line of Connolly-Hecht-Pominville accounted for two of the Sabres four goals and produced numerous chances as well.

If Connolly is able to play on Friday the likely candidate to be in the press box is Max Afinogenov.  Max gave away another goal and sat out most of the second period, in fact he played just over four minutes through two periods.  Max has been playing fairly well this season but he gives the puck away too many times and will probably have to work hard to get back his ice time.

Unfortunately I didn't see most of the game so I can't comment on Andrew Peters two fights but he obviously took advantage of being put in the lineup tonight.  Daniel Paille also seemed to rebound nicely from a game in the press box.