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Buffalo Sabres History: November 12

I thought it might be fun to reminisce a little and look back at each date in Sabres history. Obviously some days will be more important than others and some may have nothing but we'll try it anyway. The first date will be November 12, 1988 although there were some others that could have fit the bill.

November 12, 1988

The Buffalo Sabres traded Goalie Tom Barrasso to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Defensemen Doug Bodger and Darrin Shannon.

My Thoughts

I always loved Tom Barrasso when he played in Buffalo but Doug Bodger grew to be my favorite player when I was a youngster. I loved the way Bodger could play offensively but he was a tough guy as well. That may be why I like Craig Rivet so much, because I see him as a similar player to Bodger.

Keep in mind that the Sabres have still never won a Stanley Cup in Franchise history and Barrasso went on to win the Cup with the Penguins.