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Change is in the air: SB Nation-DBTB update

It was back in April when we made the jump to this amazing blogging platform we call SB Nation 2.0, it seems like everyday the tech guys add even more features to help make things easier.  We talked about the Yahoo Buzz button a couple of weeks ago but now we have even more features to make things easier here and more enjoyable.

The Features

  • Fanposts-  The Fanpost feature is great but now they have changed the display to give it more of a message board feel.  If you haven't tried a Fanpost yet, it's time to do it now.  The fanposts allow any registered member to write a post and other registered members can comment on it.  If it's an excellent fanpost it will be promoted to the front page for all to read.
  • Game Day Thread-  The game day thread that has been put together here at SB Nation is unbelievable.  It is impossible to find a platform that is more user friendly than the current system at SB Nation.  Join us Friday and see just how amazing it is.  There is need to refresh your page and if their is a new post you will get a little box that tells you who it was.  Truly Amazing!
  • Yahoo Buzz-  We talked about the Yahoo Buzz button before but I thought I would throw out a reminder now that the season is set to begin.  If you think a post is well written, please click the Yahoo Buzz button and try to allow more people to find the post.
  • Facebook and Digg-  As of yesterday you should also see a Facebook button and a Digg button so you can share the post with others on your Facebook page.  Let's try to work together to make this the place to go for all your Buffalo Sabres talk.  I have constantly said that I want this to be the ultimate Buffalo Sabres community on the webn and we are well on our way.  With your help it will truly take off.