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Adam Mair loses cool

I seen the video of Adam Mair going to the Ottawa Senators locker room this morning and I didn't think much of it. Apparently it has become even bigger news than I thought it would be . If you aren't sure what happened than go over and watch the video.

Adam Mair took exception with something that was done by a Senators player, one theory is that player was Chris Neil and the other theory is that it was Jarkko Ruuttuu. It makes more sense that it was Ruuttuu because he was in an altercation with Sabres pest Patrick Kaleta and he refused to get off of him. I'm only sepeculating that he was after Ruuttuu and not Neil.

Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun posted a blog about the incident and implies that Mair will likely get a suspension. It also appears that Senators coach Craig Hartsburg is calling for a suspension.

"They have to look it for sure and I'm sure they will. To be running down the hallway after the other team is not a good thing," said Hartsburg this morning. "They'll reviewed it all and the right thing will be done. But, it's obviously not a good situation."

I can understand why they wouldn't want a confrontation to occur in the hallway but the reality is that nothing happened. I may be playing the role of homer but I don't think any suspension is warranted. The league allows plenty to go on while on the ice and this is an irrelevant situation that can be handled with a talking to and a fine.

I finally found the Youtube video of the incident so check it out for yourself.