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Sabres can't handle Sens

Sabres_game_image_medium   Sens_game_medium

        Game #9

Buffalo Sabres 2 vs. Ottawa Senators 5


It wasn't the type of game I expected to see although I knew it could happen.  The Senators have a ton of offense fire power and they unveiled it tonight.  In the early going I had every intention of talking about the officiating but the more I watched the more I pictured a Jim Mora rant.  They scored two late goals but is there really anything the Sabres can take from this game?

In the game recap I mentioned the special teams of both teams were really good.  Tonight it was Ottawa who capitalized on that fact.  The Sens first two goals came with the Sens a man up, even if they were questionable calls (I told you I would talk about the officials).  Adam Mair was in the box for elbowing after a scrum in front when Christoph Schubert scored the games first goal.  It's very possible that Mair did indeed throw an elbow I just didn't see it, I would love to know if any of you seen it.  The Sabres had an opportunity to clear but Jaro Spacek thought it would be a good idea to clear it up the middle, I think he now knows that is not a good idea. 

The officials aught to be ashamed of themselves for the second Ottawa goal.  They called Max Afinogenov for unsportsmanlike conduct when he fired a shot on goalie Alex Auld after the whistle.  How much after the whistle is the question?  It appeared that Max was already in the process of shooting when the whistle blew, at least on my TV.  After the shot Jason Smith went after Afinogenov and threw him to the ice but was not called for a penalty.  The Sens took advantage with their second power play goal of the game on a goal by Dany Heatley.

The route was on after a Derek Roy giveaway.  Roy was stick handling at the Sens blue-line and lost the puck to Jason Spezza.  Spezza caught the Sabres defense changing and went on the breakaway.  He faked a shot and forced Lalime to commit and than he fired it into an open net.

It wasn't until there was just about five minutes left to play that the Sabres decided to put a puck behind Auld but Clarke MacArthur netted his fourth goal of the season.  The goal was assisted by Afinogenov and Sekera.  With less than a minute left in the game the Sabres scored their second power play goal of the game.  Teppo Numminen got his first of the season and it was assisted by Paetsch and Afinogenov.

When complaining about the refs I almost forgot the absolute worst call.  How about the penalty on Mike Weber for tripping when he threw a clean body check on Daniel Alfredsson.  The refs weren't the reason the Sabres lost, the Sabres lost because they sucked tonight, but the refs certainly didn't help.

Reality is that you can not win every game but this loss was especially painful.  It was a poor effort and the Sens seemed to outwork the Sabres in both ends.  The poor officiating made it all the more excruciating for me.  Nobody expected this team to be 6-1-2 after nine games so it makes it easy to move on and look towards Thursday.  The Sabres will stay at home and take on the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday night with face-off at 7PM once again.

Useless question of the game

Anyone else get aggravated when Rob Ray says "we need to do a better job" or "we have to dump the puck in more" or WE ANYTHING? 

Harry Neale Quote of the Game

I may be the only Sabres fan that feals this way, but I am a fan of Harry Neale.  If you first realize that he is not Jim Lorentz, you too may someday like Harry.  Anyway, a new feature I am adding to the Recap is the Harry Neale quote of the game.

"What is that, two minutes for shooting"?

He said this in reference to the Afinogenov shot that was ruled to be after the whistle.

Roll Call

Not much of a roll call tonight.  In fact I'm embarrassed to post it but hey, bad night for the Sabres and bad night for DBTB.  Let's do our best to turn this situation around on Thursday.  The Sabres play a better game and we give it a better effort in the game thread.  Here is the list...

Joan O., krytime and qdloser