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Welcome James Mirtle to SB Nation

It is with great pleasure that I announce that James Mirtle has joined SB Nation as the Hockey Group Manager.  James has proven success in the hockey blogging world and is mentioned amongst the best hockey bloggers in the world.  If you are a fan of hockey blogs you probably know James, Paul Kukla, Greg Wyshynski, and Eric McErlain.  It was a big day when Die by the Blade became the first ever hockey blog on SB Nation, it was a big day when SB Nation added more hockey blogs, it was a big day when SB Nation upgraded to the new and improved SB Nation 2.0 and it's a huge day today for the future of the SB Nation hockey blogs.

If you don't realize how big this really is just go over to the other hockey blogs and see the reaction to this enormous news.  It's time to head over and join From the Rink, the newest SB Nation hockey James Mirtle.