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Buffalo Sabres @ Atlanta Thrashers

Sabres_game_image_medium Thrashers_game_medium

Game #5

Buffalo Sabres (4-0-0, 8PTS) vs. Atlanta Thrashers (1-2-1, 3PTS)

7:00 PM EST, Phillips Arena

TV: MSG-B (Buffalo)

Radio: WGR 550 (Buffalo), XM 208 (National)

Listen Here

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Unfortunately I don't have much to say tonight. I won't be watching the game but I'll be able to follow along. I'll be in and out of the thread so comment away. This is a prime game for the Sabres to lose. They are playing a team they should beat, coming off of a big home victory yesterday evening. In 2006-2007 the Sabres won their first 10 games before losing to the Thrashers, it could happen again.