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Buffalo Sabres: Fun with Numbers

I thought it might be fun to throw a few numbers out and see what comes to mind.  I'll share my thoughts first and feel free to add your own in the comments.

  • 0-  Number of power play goals allowed by the Sabres in their first three games of the season
  • 1-  Number of goals the Sabres have allowed in each of their first three games.
  • 2-  Thomas Vanek stats:  The number of shorthanded goals he has scored in the past two games (ironically enough the number scored in his career)...Number of games in a row that he has scored two goals.
  • 3-  The number of shots on goal the Rangers had in the first period of the Sabres 3-1 victory on Wednesday.
  • 4-  Number of blocked shots by Andrej Sekera in the victory over the Rangers.
  • 5-  Number of power play goals scored by the Sabres in their last two games
  • 6-  Number of shots on goal by Jason Pominville through three games this season.
  • 7-  Number of penalty minutes for Andrew Peters in the first three games.
  • 11- Number of goals scored by the Sabres this season.