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Numminen likely to miss season

The news that I had already expected to hear came out today, Teppo Numminen won't likely play this season.  It is possible that he could be like Tim Connolly last year and play at the end of the season and in the playoffs (if they make it).  The day I heard that Numminen was having his third heart surgery, I said he would be out the season and probably for his career.  I think it is possible that he has played his last NHL game already.  

Numminen has to think about the rest of his life and not about hockey.  It is not a minor injury when you have heart surgery and Teppo has had three in his career, this last one being the most serious.  I would hope that he would take a long hard look before he tries to return to the ice in actual game action.  Teppo is truly a class act and I would love to have him on the team but some things are more important.  We wish you luck Teppo!