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Another Loss

It is getting frustrating to watch this team play anymore.  I can't bring myself to turn them off but I feel like it sometimes.  I keep thinking, they'll turn it around, they're going to make the playoffs.  Am I kidding myself?  Is this team really this bad?  I still don't think they are this bad, but I am angry.

I'm angry because...

   I hurried home from work yesterday to watch the game and they played absolutely horrible.  I realize that the Coyotes are a much improved team but they completely dominated us for two periods.

   The Sabres have lost 12 of their last 13 games and have fallen to 12th place in the Eastern Conference.  They are tied with Florida and Toronto with 46 points.  The only Eastern Conference team with less points is the Tampa Bay Lightning (43).

   8-13-4 on the road this year after being the best road team in the NHL last year.  In all of last season the Sabres only lost 12 games on the road finishing with a 25-12-4 road record.  If they win every road game for the rest of the season they still won't match the record of last year.

   They win 10-1 on Friday and follow that up with two disgusting games against teams that are not currently playoff teams.  The Leafs are an organization that is in shambles and they thoroughly outplayed the Sabres on Saturday night.

   People continue to suggest that the Sabres should trade Max Afinogenov and the team is 1-5-3 since he has been out of the lineup with a groin injury.  He is not the only player out of the lineup as numerous players have missed time as of late including Tim Connolly who is also out with a groin injury.  I'm banking on these two players coming back and creating a spark that will get this team on a run.

   Ryan Miller has been an average goaltender this year.  He has not been impressive since the season began and he continues to play very inconsistent.  In the past Miller was automatic on an odd man rush and he still is today, the difference is that in the past it was an automatic save and now it is an automatic goal.

   Our "shutdown" defensive pair of Toni Lydman and Henrik Tallinder have been BAD this season.  That unit was directly responsible for two goals in yesterdays game.  I keep saying this team will be in the ploayoffs but they are going to need to upgrade this area.

   Finally I'm angry because we have Jocelyn Thibault instead of Ty Conklin.  What is up with that guy?  He has been outstanding for the Penguins this season since Marc-Andre Fluery went down with an injury.  Conklin was actually playing in the minors for Scranton-Wilkes Barre and was called up to back up Danny Sabourin but he quickly won the job and the Penguins have been able to ride his momentum into the top half of the conference.

Thanks everyone for allowing me the time to rant because I feel much better now.  I will say that they better play a lot better on Thursday night against Dallas.  The players on this team have no connection to 1999 but us fans still remember and we hate the Stars for it.  We are directing our anger in the wrong place but who cares we hate the Stars.