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Preseason Game #6: Sabres vs. Penguins

Last night Derek Roy scored with under a minute left to give the Sabres a 6-5 victory in Pittsburgh, tonight the Sabres will look to complete the pre-season with a win against those same Pittsburgh Penguins.  Roy has five goals in the last two games and may take tonight off before getting ready for the regular season opener next Friday.

The Buffalo Sabres new scoreboard will be hanging from the rafters but will not be fully operational until the regular season opener next week.  The Sabres pre-season record sits at 3-2 and a win tonight would give them a winning record to complete the pre-season.

I will not be around for the open thread tonight but feel free to leave your comments so I know how the game went.  If you haven't created a free account feel free to do so now.  I look forward to many more open threads as the regular season gets going.