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Injuries pile up

The Buffalo Bills aren't the only team to have been struck by the injury's hitting the Sabres as well.  The list of Sabres who are injured include Tim Connolly, Paul Gaustad, Max Afinogenov, Andrew Peters, and Dmitri Kalinin.  Connolly has not been able to play at all in the pre-season and it is a little bit of a concern for the team.

Everyone is well aware of my disdain for Peters and Kalinin so I'm not entirely concerned about them missing from the lineup right now.  I am extremely concerned about missing Connolly and Afinogenov, Gaustad missing is also a bit of a concern.  If Connolly and Gaustad are not able to come back in time for the regular season it will leave the Sabres pretty thin at center.  Lindy Ruff has said that he expects all the players to be back in time for the regular season.