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New Sabres Bloggers

I have recently run into a couple of new Sabres blogs that I thought I would share with you.  The first is another fan site that I enjoy called Sabres Center Ice.  Jessica does a great job on the site and has a brand new layout for the site that makes it reader friendly.  The second is a blog that has been around for quite some time but was never utilized properly.  The blog is Sabres Edge the Sabres blog from the Buffalo News.  Myself and other bloggers were talking about what a great opportunity the Buffalo News had to put in game information out there like we couldn't because of not being there and they never used it properly.  It's only one game but Tim Graham did a great job of using the blog.

On Friday night Tim Graham updated Sabres Edge on a couple of occasions.  If you didn't have a chance to check it out I recommend you do.  His first blog post was about how weird it was to be back in the arena, an arena without a scoreboard.  He then pondered how the Sabres could give Dylan Hunter number 32 the number of fan favorite Rob Ray.  Let's be honest Tim it was easy, Rob Ray does not even come close to deserving that honor.  Anyway I look forward to getting more information from the Sabres Edge.

I have heard that Tim Graham will be leaving the Buffalo News to take a job covering the Miami Dolphins and if that's true it is truly bad news for the people of Buffalo.  It would mean that a bad newspaper just got worse.  Let's hope that the Buffalo News will continue to use Sabres Edge when Tim is gone.