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Numminen to have heart surgery

A major announcement came from the buffalo Sabres today...Teppo Numminen is going to need heart surgery.  This is the third time Numminen will need surgery and this one appears to be more extensive.

General Manager Darcy Regier told reporters he's still learning details of the situation, but did say the surgery Numminen needs is more extensive than two previous procedures he's undergone to deal with an irregular heartbeat.

This doesn't sound like good news for Teppo or the Buffalo Sabres.  It appears that Teppo has played his last NHL game at age 39 it would be tough for him to come back from this.  I'm not sure that any doctor would clear him to play anyway.  Numminen was expected to be a steady veteran presence on the blue line for this years Sabres team.

I have talked about finding a spot for Paetsch and unfortunately I think they found one.  It is unfortunate that Paetsch will be inserted into the lineup under these circumstances but he is more than capable.  I think this opens up a great opportunity for Andrej Sekera  to make the roster because Darcy doesn't plan on making any roster moves.

Regier says the organization's main concern is for Numminen's health, and that he's confident with the six defensemen the Sabres have (Tallinder, Lydman, Campbell, Kalinin, Spacek, Paetsch) and does not anticipate making any immediate roster moves until more is learned about Numminen's future.

I agree with Darcy in this instance although I've made it abundantly clear that I don't like Kalinin in the lineup.  The inconsistency of Kalinin is very bothersome to me.  I'll update this as more becomes available.

Update 6:20 pm: Another link a little bit more in depth from