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It's almost hockey season

We are just days away from the start of training camp and just over three and a half weeks away from the regular season.  I am ready for hockey season to begin.  As the weather gets colder we realize how close we really are.  There are plenty of questions that need to be answered regarding this years team but we have plenty of time to talk about them.  Today is a day to talk about some interesting things regarding the Sabres.

Kevin over at Bflo Blog tells us that the Sabres are now painting the ice in preparation for the season but the most interesting news is that the Sabres are installing a new state of the art scoreboard that will be ready for the beginning of the season.  I guess that explains why the last couple of practices will be held at the Pepsi Center as opposed to the HSBC Arena.  I had the pleasure of seeing the Bills new scoreboard and I can't wait to see the Sabres new HD scoreboard.