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The Dog Days of Summer

God this is killing me.  We are still nine weeks away from the start of hockey season, regular season anyway.  We have just over a month until the Pre-Season gets under way.  I will continue posting with Prospect Profiles and Player Profiles and eventually we'll start to break down the roster but I just want to see some hockey.

I sometimes think that the hockey season is too long and it would be worth it to shorten the season but then I remember how long the off-season is.  I'm glad we have football starting, including a Bills game tomorrow but I crave a little bit of hockey.

If you have trouble remembering what we were doing at this time last season... we were talking about whether or not Buffalo would accept the arbitration ruling on J.P. Dumont.  Dumont was awarded $2.9 million and as we all know the Sabres were forced to walk away from the ruling.  I'm not sure how much Dumont would have helped in last years playoffs but it would have been nice to have him.

Remember tomorrow is Friday Five so we'll be back with another top five list tomorrow.