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Friday Five: Five reasons I hate the off season

I'm not sure how everyone else feels but this off season seemed to drag on longer than any other I remember.  I'm not sure if that is because of the way the season ended, the fact that I'm interested to see how good (or bad) this team is without their captains, or if it is because I write this blog.  I will tell you today the five reasons I hate the off season.

5.  I'm watching Law & Order when I'd rather watch hockey

As the nights become a little bit colder and you don't spend much time outside the TV is entertainment.  It's an unfortunate situation that hockey season doesn't begin sooner and we are forced to put up with regular TV for a month or so.

4.  Summer is too hot

I know most people like the hot weather but count me out.  I have the whitest skin in the world and me and the sun don't mix well.  I prefer the cold weather when it's easy to warm yourself up with a sweatshirt or a coat.

3.  I miss Rick Jeanerette

We have a couple more weeks before we can hear the legendary voice of Rick Jeanerette yelling he scoooooooorrrrrreeessss! or HOLY MACKAREL! NOW DO YOU BELIEVE?.  I can't put into words how much I miss listening to Rick make the calls of the game

2. I'm sick of everyone talking about unfounded rumors

I won't get into any name calling here in fact I won't even mention anyone who starts these rumors but how can there be a new rumor regarding the Buffalo Sabres every single day even though they signed just one free agent?  One free agent that's all they signed, and it was backup goaltender Jocelyn Thibault.  If anyone in the world can tell me why Buffalo is involved in every rumor I'll be happy to listen.  I can tell you though, I already know the answer... it's because there are a lot of Sabres fans that read the site.

1.  The off season means I can't watch the Buffalo Sabres journey to win the Stanley Cup

In no way is this a prediction that the Sabres are going to win the Stanley Cup but as any die hard fan would do... I have confidence.  There is a long way to go before we get into details regarding my actual predictions for this season but I'm a realist and I understand that the Sabres probably won't be as good as last year but I also know they won't be as bad as some people make them out to be.