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I'm dying for some hockey

Most NHL teams will start training camp in 2 1/2 weeks but hockey has already started over in Russia. In 1972 there was a Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union that is still talked about till this day, well this year the Canadian Juniors are taking on the Russian Juniors in the Canada-Russia Super Series.  Canada leads the series 2-0 after beating Russia this morning by a score of 3-0.  Through the magic of the internet I was able to watch the third period of the game and now I'm itching for the Sabres to get back into action.

It is this time of year when the players usually converge on the Pepsi Center in Ahmerst to start working out on the ice in order to get ready for the season.  I will try to make it out there and try to get you some news but if anyone happens to get there make sure to post a diary telling all of us about it.

It has been a long summer without hockey and I think what transpired in the offseason has all of us looking forward to the season.  I know the Sabres lost players without gaining any but that makes me want to see this team even more because there are so many questions.  It's only just over two weeks till they strap on the skates for training camp (That's sounds really good doesn't it)