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Friday Five: Outdoor Hockey Game

This week I have a special edition of the Friday Five.  I figured that with the news of the game being played it was appropriate.  The topic today is why the NHL made a good decision in having the Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins play an outdoor hockey game at Ralph Wilson Stadium on January 1, 2008.

5.  It's great to have the game of hockey played the way it originally began... outdoors

The game of hockey has come a long way since it originated prior to the 1870's.  It is believed to have originated as an outdoor sport in Europe.  It's just great to see the game be played outdoors the way all of us in the Northeast have played at some point in our lives.

4.  It will be a very unique experience for anyone who has the pleasure of seeing it especially live.

It's not everyday that two NHL teams square off without a roof over their heads.  In fact the only time in recent history that it happened was when the Montreal Canadiens and the edmonton Oilers squared off in the Heritage Classic in 2003.  That game was not televised in the United States so this will be the first exposure for most Americans.

3.  It will give the sport of hockey some great exposure

When the first announcement was leaked that the game could take place, the media exposure was enormous and anticipate that as we draw closer to the game the exposure will be even greater.  It will be publicized on every major news station in America.

2.  It's being played by the Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins which makes for easy travel from opposing fans.

It allows the league to showcase two of the most passionate fan bases in a unique event that will be televised nationally in the United States.  This will only increase the publicity for the league.

1.  It will showcase Sidney Crosby

If you are trying to increase your fan base the perfect way to do it is to showcase the face of the league.  Sidney Crosby is the best hockey player to play in years maybe since Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky when they were in their prime.  If someone can watch Sidney Crosby perform they will immediately become a fan of him and maybe the league in general.