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Friday Five: Top 5 reasons "The sky isn't falling"

It's time for the Friday Five, alright it's long overdue.  It has been a long week and to be honest I forgot all about it.  I decided since the past couple were about the history of the Sabres, we would talk about the current Sabres.  Feel free to give me any suggestions you might have in the comments.

5.  Thomas Vanek has ten million reasons to have a good season

  1.  Ryan Miller is still the goalie... isn't he?
  1.  Lindy Ruff
  1.  These guys are good, scary good

And the number one reason "The sky isn't falling"... Because I said so dammit.

Note:  This is part of the Friday Five feature where I will do a top five list every Friday.  If you have any suggestions for a Friday Five topic feel free to e-mail me or leave a note in the comments.  I would also love to hear your reasons why the sky is or isn't falling on this years Sabres team.