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What's next for the Sabres?

I would have to think that the Sabres are done signing free agents.  It pains me to say that but they don't have a choice.  The contract that Thomas Vanek received really hamstrung this franchise.  It not only means that they will be paying Thomas Vanek a little over seven million dollars a season but they can expect the price tag on Derek Roy just got much, much higher.

The Oilers keep telling people that it wasn't a desperate move and that Thomas Vanek is worth that contract but that would mean that Joe Thorton is only as good as Thomas Vanek.  I love Thomas Vanek but I'm sorry is not even close to the player that Joe Thorton is.  

The Sabres could still try to land a low price free agent like Anson Carter or Eric Lindros but I think they will be out of the bidding on guys like Sheldon Souray, Brendan Shanahan, and Aaron Miller.  We'll sit tight and wait to find out will happen with Roy and Paetsch before we know what else, if anything, the Sabres will do.  I'm going to guess they are working hard to negotiate a long term deal with Roy's agent.

I am going to apologize for the lack of posts but I am off now and won't be home until very late Sunday night.  I will have a post late tomorrow night when I get home.  If anything breaks feel free to write a diary so people can comment.