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Newspaper Bias?

It has been pointed out on many blogs including this one that Buffalo News reported that Chris Drury had agreed to a contract back in September but the Sabres dropped the ball.  It appears that the Buffalo News has also dropped the ball but has done what they can to hide it.  Kevin at Bflo Blog has a nice post describing the situation regarding the Bflo News and Thomas Luongo at Sabre Rattling has added his thoughts as well.

I won't get too much into it because those two guys have pretty much covered it but it seems to me like TBN has something against Larry Quinn and Darcy Regier.  I'm not quite sure what it is but there is a definite bias regarding the Sabres.  I have publicly complained on numerous occasions that Bucky Gleason and Jerry Sullivan are extremely negative and have a way of putting a negative spin on things but recently it seems that everyone at TBN is getting in on the action.

As I read an article today about Todd Marchant bringing the Stanley Cup to Buffalo it was a heart-warming story.  In typical fashion Bucky ruined a good story with more Sabres bashing.  I for one don't get it.  Kevin shares his take on this story as well.  The sad part about the whole thing is that they are doing what they set out to do which is upset the people of Buffalo.  Those who believe the sewage that they spew are upset with the Sabres and those that don't believe it are upset with TBN.