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Remaining Free Agents

I have compiled a list of some of the remaining free agents that the Buffalo Sabres could target in the upcoming days.  I have limited the list to Unrestircted free-agents only and left the restricted guys off of the list.  I will compile a list of RFA's as well.  I also left goalies off the list but I am working on a list of possible backups for Ryan Miller.  Please keep in mind that this list is in no particular order but just randomly done.

RW- Teemu Selanne:  6'0" 204lbs. Age 37 (82GP-48G-46A-94P)

Teemu would be a big target guy that would satisfy the Sabres fans who are screaming for something to happen after the departure of Chris Drury, Danny Briere and to a lesser extent Dainius Zubrus.  It is not likely that the Sabres will sign Selanne because if he decides not to retire (which I anticipate he will) he will command a salary in the range of $7 millionfor one season.

C- Josef Vasicek:  6'5" 214lbs. Age 26 (63GP-6G-16A-22P)

Vasicek has all the physical tools be to be an outstanding player in the NHL but has been an underachiever his entire career.  At age 26 he still has time to turn it around but he is running out of chances.  I don't think he is a good fit for the Sabres because I think Lindy Ruff demands more out of his players than Vasicek is willing to give.

RW- Anson Carter:  6'1" 210lbs. Age 33 (64GP-11G-17A-28P)

Anson Carter is a wild-card in this years free agency.  He struggled mightily this season with both Columbus and Carolina.  He could be brought in at cheap price despite having a great season in 2005-2006 with Vancouver.  Carter thrived while playing with the Sedin's in Vancouver and could possibly do the same playing with guys like Connolly and Stafford.

C- Eric Lindros:  6'4" 240lbs. Age 34 (49GP-5G-21A-26P)

Lindros is another guy who has underachieved as of late.  He has been struck by the injury bug his entire career but could be brought in cheap.  Lindros could be good fit as a third line center or maybe even a wing.

LW- Brendan Shanahan: 6'3" 220lbs. Age 38 (67GP-29G-33A-62P)

Even at age 38 he still has the skills to play the game and score goals.  He would also provide leadership, along with recently re-signed Teppo Numminen, for a team that is in desperate need of it.  This would also be a good signing from a PR standpoint based on what has transpired this week.  It would show the fans that the team is committed to winning.

C- Mike Comrie: 5'10" 185lbs. Age 26 (65GP-20G-25A-45P)

A Daniel Briere type player who is fast and strong.  He plays with a little bit more of an edge than Briere does but lacks the point production to this point in his career.  He may thrive on the system Buffalo plays and turn out to as good or better than Briere.  I think evryone needs to remember that Briere was struggling when he was acquired by Buffalo and the Sabres turned his career around.  I would love to see this guy on the Sabres.

C- Mike Peca:  5'11" 190lbs. Age 33 (35GP-4G-11A-15P)

Peca plays much bigger than his frame.  He would fill the role of a checking line center for the Sabres although his recent injuries are a concern.  He would also need to mend his relationship with Darcy Regier before signing with the Sabres.  Peca would also be a guy who could provide some leadership to the team.

D- Aaron Miller:  6'3" 218lbs. Age 35 (82GP-0G-8A-8P)

His name is always thrown around as a player who Buffalo is interested in because he is originally from Buffalo.  He could probably fill a big role for the Sabres who lack a tough stay-at-home defenseman.  If he were signed Buffalo would have to move a defenseman in a trade because they would have too many.

D- Sheldon Souray:  6'4" 227lbs. Age 32 (81GP-26A-38A-64P)

Souray would provide with a quarterback for the powerplay and would help where the Sabres need it most.  The Sabres powerplay will have to better this season for the team to have success because of the loss of point production via free agency.  Souray is a little bit of a liability defensively but his powerplay production is worth it.  Souray is also a defenseman who will not shy away from physical play which is another area the Sabres are lacking.  Like Miller if Souray was acquired the Sabres would have to move a defenseman.