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Another UFA is gone

It appears that the New Jersey Devils have signed Dainius Zubrus to a six year contract.  I was probably Zubrus biggest fan after he was acquired at the trade deadline but six years is way too many.  I think New Jersey did exactly what I don't want Buffalo to do...panic.  In six years Zubrus will be 35 years old and probably not very effective on the ice.  

The list of free agents is dwindling quickly and still no moves by the Sabres.  Does this mean they are going into next season with the team they have?  Are they going to explore the trade market?  I'm hoping we get some answers soon because the anticipation is killing me.

Who is still available? I'll tell you a few people who may fit in with the Sabres. A couple of guys I might target are Mike Comrie, Mike Johnson, Nils Ekman, Ruslan Fedetenko and former Sabres Mike Peca and Brad May.  On defense I would target Sheldon Souray and Vitali Vishnevski.  I will have more on these free agents later today but I thought a little name dropping was appropriate.