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More on Drury's possible contract

There is more and more speculation that Chris Drury had a possible contract offer back in September but the Buffalo Sabres never sent it to Chris Drury's agent.  Tim Graham of the Buffalo News has posted on the Buffalo News Blog called Sabres Edge regarding the situation.

Drury last fall agreed to a four-year, $21.5 million contract to stay with the Sabres, a source with intimate knowledge of the negotiations told The News. The source said the sides made proposals -- the Sabres offered $20 million, Drury asked for $23 million -- and met in the middle. Then the Sabres either simply forgot or didn't feel the need make anything official. Maybe they didn't want to hurt Briere's feelings, but the Sabres never sent Drury's agent the agreed-upon contract.

I guess what everyone wants to know is... Is it true?  The answer is one we will never know unless Quinn, Regier, Drury, or Drury's agent come forward and either confirm or deny the rumor.  I would say it's probably true but there are some important facts being left out. Unless I'm blind and dumb the Sabres were up against the cap all season, so much so that they had to send players like Stafford down to Rochester on an off day to save money.  If Drury would have signed the proposed contract someone would have had to go.  I'm sure the Sabres could have traded someone away but would that have made the team better?  Probably not.  

The bottom line is the Sabres took a chance and it came back to bite them.  The team is not so bad without these guys so they will have to fill in a few pieces and move on.