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Sabres daily reading

There is still no Sabres news to report to you.  We are still waiting and hoping that Derek Roy is signed before his arbitration hearing on Friday.  We still hold out hope that Nathan Paetsch will be signed.  I am still hoping they get some help with face-offs.   Unfortunately that is all we can do is hope because we get nothing from the Sabres.  There were a couple of stories that caught my eye today that I would like to share with you.

The first was a great story by Bob Dicesare of the Buffalo News.  I point out everything that is wrong with the Buffalo News (which is just about everything) so I thought I would point you towards a good story as well.

Another GM would have spewed venom or laughed uproariously at Peca’s invitation to play nicey-nice after enduring what Regier endured. But Regier, ever the upstanding diplomat, never the mudslinger, reacted with nothing more than a noble nonchalance. That’s one of the interesting things about Regier. Some of his decisions may confound but the resulting heat never gets to him, even as Peca insists all the animosity from the long-ago stalemate was diffused upon the conclusion of the Rigas family ownership. How quickly Peca’s forgotten that it was Regier who bore the brunt of assaults, the intensity of the complaints increasing as the GM held out throughout the season and until the draft for a deal he could deem acceptable.

This is just part of it I suggest going and reading the entire story.  It's some of the best reading in that paper in a long, long time.  Is it possible that Mike Peca could be the answer to Regier getting the News off his back?  It will be interesting to watch.

The second piece of reading for today comes from a new blog called Melt your face-off.  The blog is a collection of people from Deadspin who started a hockey blog.  They are looking for writers from every team and are running a contest to see who will be selected.  Matt S. wrote a great piece on the Buffalo Sabres and why the sky is not falling.  

Two years ago, the Sabres’ slogan/battle cry/advertising campaign was "The Future Is Now". Well, the future is now...again. The loss in the ECF to Ottawa last spring was a wake up call – we hope. Realizing that scoring at all costs wasn’t going to win you shit in the playoffs, even though it worked all season. So after the jump is why, in the immortal words of GM Darcy Regier, the sky is NOT falling...

You know, I’m not so worried, and I really think for once that Regier was right. The sky is not falling. And we’re still better than your team.

You have to love this piece, it's fantastic.  It's great to have people who agree with me and have the same positive outlook.  It seems that despite the best efforts of the MSM (Mainstream Media) we Sabres fans are united behind our team.  I guess the rest is up to the team to perform because we still believe.