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Still Quiet

   Everything is still quiet in Sabre land, not a peep from no one.  I want to apologize for the lack of a substantial post today but a 12 hour work day combined with the two hour ride that's ahead of me and I pretty much have nothing.  I figure it could be an exciting week for Sabre fans, and for Bills fans as well.

   Derek Roy is scheduled to go to arbitration on Friday that means it's less than a week of negotiating for Darcy.  As a Sabres fan I have to say please, please, please get him signed before then.  There is a little bit longer for the Paetsch hearing but I have a feeling they'll get something done there.

  I'll leave you with one final thought... we have about two months till training camp starts so start counting the days (I know I am).  I have searched high and low for the Sabres pre-season schedule with no luck... if anyone has an idea of where to find the schedule please let me know.  I have seen the Sabres will play two with Pittsburgh and one with the Leafs after those teams announced their schedule.  I would like to apologize again and I'll be back tomorrow.