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Should Sabres pursue Peca?


 Mike Peca while playing for the Sabres
This wasn't on my list of things to talk about but since The Buffalo News brought it up I'll talk about it.  When Mike Peca played for the Buffalo Sabres I thought he was an outstanding player but I didn't like the terms of his departure.  It is apparent that Peca has put the incident behind him but I'm not sure the Sabres organization can put it behind them.  In my opinion it says a lot about a guys character when they sit out a season over money.  His situation was much different than the situation with Briere and Drury because those two guys  played out their contract before leaving.

   Peca played five seasons in Buffalo before the contract holdout in 2000-2001.  His best season in Buffalo was 1998-99 when he had 27 goals and 29 assists for 56 points.  The best season of his career was 2001-2002 after being traded to the Islanders.  Peca had 25 goals and 35 assists in his first season on Long Island.  After that season, Peca's career had a downward spiral and last season he played in only 35 games after suffering a severe knee injury.

   A couple of things that Peca will bring to the table are defense and face offs.  The Sabres are lacking depth at center and could possibly use a defensive forward as well.  I'm not sure that Peca is the guy to fill those roles for the sabres but they are in need  in those areas.

"The way I feel mentally and physically, I feel like I’m about to play my best years," Peca said. "[The knee] is not a concern for me at all. On the ice it’s 100 percent. In certain elements of my game I’m feeling faster and more confident — and not just in my legs."

   If there was an opportunity to sign the old Mike Peca I would be all for it but I don't see the benefit in signing a guy who is obviously not the same player he once was.  If the situation was different... maybe, but under the circumstances of what transpired in 2001 I see no room for him.