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Don't Jump

   It has been over 24 hours since the Buffalo Sabres lost both of their captains.  It has allowed some time for it all to settle in and after the smoke cleared the future doesn't look so bad.  I was among the people who were upset to see Chris Drury leave but it's obvious that he didn't want to be here.  As for Briere the money he got was ridiculous, I guess the Flyers haven't learned their lesson after all.

   I think everyone forgets that the Sabres have some pretty good talent already signed and I'm sure they will add more either through free agency or trades.  Did we all forget that Tim Connolly, Thomas Vanek, Derek Roy, Maxim Afinogenov, Brian Campbell, Ryan Miller, and Drew Stafford will all be here next season?  Connolly will have an opportunity to be in hockey shape by the start of next season and all the other guys will be a year older.  

   I urge you to please step off of the ledge and allow Darcy to construct another winning team before you go jumping off any buildings.  It's way to early to judge the 2007-2008 Buffalo Sabres based on two guys that didn't get us to the Stanley Cup.  

  I will be posting a list of some free agents I have my eyes on later tonight or early tomorrow morning so stay tuned.