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Sabres News and Notes

As the NHL prepares to release their schedule later this afternoon (sometime between 2 and 2:30), I thought I fill you in on some Sabres tidbits.

Jerry Sullivan at the TBN has an article on what Lindy Ruff thinks about what has transpired in Sabreland.

Asked if he would have been so quick to sign that new three-year contract if he’d known what was coming, Ruff said, "Hindsight is 20-20, but it’s something that I’d rather not even comment on."

At first glance it appears that Lindy is not happy and is rethinking his stance to stay in Buffalo.  The problem is we don't what is or isn't true anymore when it's written in TBN.  I would suspect that Lindy thought that Briere and Drury were as committed to Buffalo as he was and he was upset to find out that wasn't the case. has a nice feature on first round pick Andrew Brennan as well.  There was one quote in particular that I liked.

"I soon as I started playing ice hockey, I just stuck with it.  What other game can you have so much talent and require so much skill, but be able to hit someone as hard as you can and not get a penalty for it."

This is the mentality of a good hockey player.  Only time will tell if he really is the player he is expected to be but I like his mentality.

Paul Kukla at Kuklas Korner has listed the top ten selling NHL jerseys and it includes four Sabres (although two are no longer here).  I find this fascinating because before the season all we heard was how people were going to boycott because of the logo, see what a good team will do for you.

I'll also have more on the possible outdoor game later today.  It's obvious that it would be a huge event and would be big for all parties involved.