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Sabres depth chart

As I was on my mini vacation this weekend I decide to figure out some possible line combinations and the team doesn't look so bad.  I wasn't the only one ready to put this past week behind me as John Vogl of the Buffalo news decided to look ahead and Kevin at Bflo Blog did the same.  I noticed one glaring concern with the team and that is they are weak up the middle.  The centers are a huge concern especially the lack of a really good faceoff guy.

The tentative line combinations that I came up with look like this.

extra forwards: Peters and MacArthur


extra defenseman: Paetsch and Sekera

It's only July so this is not set in stone but outside of the lack of a faceoff guy I like the way the team looks.  I expect even bigger things out of Roy and Stafford this season which would fit well with Vanek on the top line.  I would not be surprised if the Sabres moved someone for a top center.  I don't expect a blockbuster trade but I think the Sabres realize they need another center.  A center could still come via free agency but it's more likely they would move someone to free up some salary.  If someone is going to get moved I think that Kalinin and Kotalik are the most likely canidates.  I'll continue to update the depth chart throughout the summer as the roster changes.

If you have any ideas for possible line combinations feel free to leave a comment.  If you haven't registered yet feel free to do so.