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Is this a joke?

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Yesterday the NHL announced some rule changes for the Winter Classic because of the game being played outdoors.  They announced that they would switch sides at the 10 minute mark of the Third Period and again half way through overtime if necessary.  It makes sense to do this because of weather conditions such as wind.

Today the NHL clarified what they meant by switching sides, they announced that the horn would blow at exactly the 10 minute mark of the third period.  If they were going to blow the horn they are better off playing four quarters instead.  I am all for making the game even but I am not in favor of turning the game into a complete joke.  It is possible that there will be nothing significant happening at the 10 minute mark but it is just as likely that it could cost someone a scoring chance.  The league had every opportunity to seize the moment and they decided to turn the game into a joke.  Good job NHL!!

This comes from John Vogl of the Buffalo News over at the Sabres Edge.